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Smith and Cox : The Science of Doctor Who

'The Science of Doctor Who' with Brian Cox airs at 10p on Nov 18 on BBC America.

A former rock star and Britain’s popular TV physicist, Professor Brian Cox explores the universe of the world’s favorite Time Lord when he takes the audience on a journey into the wonderful universe of Doctor Who, with the help of celebrity guests. In this exclusively recorded special from the lecture theatre of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Brian reveals the science behind the spectacle and explains the physics that allows Doctor Who to travel through space and time. Fun, but filled with real science, it’s a special night for Who fans and anyone with a thirst for understanding.

Vote for 'Doctor Who' in TV Guide's Fan Favorites Awards | Anglophenia


via Anglophenia:

It may seem like we’re traveling back to December 2012 when Doctor Whotriumphed in the annual TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites Cover Poll … but, no, it’s not sci-fi, TV Guide is hosting another round of Fan Favorites Awards.

In honor of TV Guide Magazine’s 60th anniversary, the publication is inviting viewers to vote for their favorite shows, with Doctor Who being nominated for the Fan Favorite’s Science Fiction category. Voting begins today, ending on March 11 at noon ET. The winners will be revealed inside the April 22 issue.

“Like” TV Guide Magazine’s Facebook page here to start voting for the Fan Favorites Awards.

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